LeMieux New Colours!

We absolutely love the quality of LeMieux, and get very excited when they bring out new colours, and this September’s colours are no exception.

We always find that we love one colour slightly more than the other…..The Caramel is lovely, and looks noticeably different to the Beige, but we have completely fallen in love with the Midnight Blue.


Available in Dressage, Jumping and Close Contact design, and in both S/M and Large, these saddle pads are a gorgeous addition to the tack room.

The luxurious suede top side is complimented by a super soft Bamboo lining which absorbs & controls sweat under the saddle and is beautifully comfortable and secure – minimising friction even on sensitive skinned horses. For extra sensitive horses, pre-washing the saddle pads will make they a little more supple for the first ride. Girth keepers incorporate inner locking loops to offer more girthing options.

Midnight Blue Bandages and Fly hoods complete the matchy matchy look!


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