Introducing Harry

20161001_133654When I moved to my own yard, and moved Rio home from livery, we went to the Blue Cross and got a lovely little companion pony – Treasure. At 14hh he was a great size to keep Rio company, and was able to eat as much as he wanted.

He had one slight problem. He HATED being left on his own, and whilst we gave him time to settle into the routine, he did not like been left on his own whilst I rode Rio. So we quickly realised another pony would have to join our family.

I knew Harry from when he was at the riding school I used to work at. And when I heard he was for sale, I jumped at the chance. I knew he was cheeky and clever, and i’d had lots of fun working and competing him but when he arrived we realised we had a little problem with him – or rather a very large problem.

He was HUGE – this photo was taken about a week after he arrived, and lost some weight!harry fattie








He thankfully has slimmed down a bit, but 10 years on from arriving, he still causes as as much trouble. Nowadays, Harry’s partner in crime is Frodo.!20160527_173928

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